is an online marketplace and classified ads website that targets primarily Philippine consumers.

Unused items like books, uniforms, bags that were used from schools, old furnitures like cabinets, antiques and other household items were normally stuck-up at home and being left there for ages. Sometimes this becomes rotten, even damage and unusable in the coming years.

Cars, Van, bikes or parts that stayed in the garage because no one is using it, House and Lots thats that you want to sell sometimes taking so much time to sell and hard to find prospect buyers.

People in others countries shared the same problem as us Filipinos. Thats why selling online becomes a norm this includes in social websites. Buy or Sell becomes the best options.

Traditionally buy and sell were done through market places and physical stores. Having it physically meaning you need to pay rents and other middle persons. You need to be there physically to assure you can sell or buy your item with assurance.

Introducing, a FREE ONLINE CLASSIFIED ADS and MARKETPLACE. Anyone can sell their stuffs now online for FREE. Not worrying my stuff will be stuck at home again and later becomes damage and unusable. You can sell almost anything now without living in the comport of your home and just be in your desk with your computer. Its like you sell or buy it yourself.

Its easy to post an item at with our fast listing feature just provide your location, listing details, your contacts and of course the photos of your listing.

Every listings at were all checks for legitimacy including the seller. This brings security to you, that your looking for a legit listing in our website.

Our priority is for you to sell your listings safely and for buyers to have confident that they are buying it in a trusted online market place like