Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of Terms of Use

Acceptance of terms of use of the website or any services of PinoySuki website, must be understood and agreed by the user before he/she accepted and will be granted membership in using PinoySuki website or any services of PinoySuki . You agreed and subject to follow certain guidelines and conduct when using the PinoySuki website or services of PinoySuki , including any and all ammendments of the Terms of Use which maybe effective from time to time or without notice whether verbally, in writing or electronically. PinoySuki reserves the right to refuse users and listings for any users or listings who breaches those Terms of use.

Delivery of Service

PinoySuki provides the service and information viewable by PinoySuki website or service based on the information provided by the user's descretion. PinoySuki reserve the right to deliver the information or services at any time until all or any requirements of PinoySuki have met.PinoySuki has also the right to terminate, withdraw, delete, modify any information you provide at any given time, with or without notice. PinoySuki has no liability/responsibility on the information loaded on the PinoySuki website or service in times of system failure, inaccurracy and improper delivery of any information you've provide.

User's Responsibility and Obligation

The user is responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of the information provided on PinoySuki website and services and also will not provide unreliable or not currently available information. You must be at the right age to me a member at least 18 years old. In terms of in any way any part of PinoySuki website or service may be invalid, void, illegal, unenforceable, kindly contact us through writting electronically or by email.

Content, Listings or Postings

User is responsible and liable to any information provided on PinoySuki website and services and must agreed on the conditions below: User shall provide accurate, unobjectionable, non-offensive and legally compliant information for the content, listing or posting of the goods/services he/she is advertising on PinoySuki website or service. - The information provided, mentioned above shall not be re-posted or re-listed within PinoySuki website or services for any purpose without the consent of or allowed by PinoySuki. - The information provided must not promote other item or other member's listings aside from what is being listed without the consent of PinoySuki. - If user may find any post or listings that is inappropriate, not mentioned in this section, kindly let us know, it may take sometime for the PinoySuki descision to be reflected. - The information provided must not promote or may give rise to civil or criminal liability, violation of local, national and international law. - PinoySuki reserve the right to withdraw or refuse listings that doesn't met the requirements of PinoySuki conditions stated on this section with or without notice to the user. - PinoySuki reserve the right to terminate user and all its listings,where in PinoySuki judgement the user is exhibiting behaviour that is unethical, abusive or in any mean will cause damage to the PinoySuki system and PinoySuki reputation, PinoySuki also reserve the right to report to relevant authorities or may use legal action against that user at any time. - User agree to grant PinoySuki a perpetual, royalty-free and license, without obligation, to use, display, modify, reproduce, publish, create a derivative works and compilations, to make the provided content available to the public and worldwide. Such license will also apply to any incorporated form of media of PinoySuki, software and lated developed.

Cost of Service

User can post/list to any part of PinoySuki website or services for FREE, unless stated or allowed by PinoySuki. In terms of paid services, user is allowed to use any part of PinoySuki website or services until payment shall have been made to PinoySuki in full. If PinoySuki no longer receive payment from the user for the paid service, we may cancel that service, notification in advance or in any kind, written or electronic should be send to PinoySuki.

Third Party Services

PinoySuki website and services may have third party or services not related to PinoySuki may be advertised. PinoySuki is not liable to any user's interaction or dealings with this services.


PinoySuki website and services are solely own by PinoySuki and PinoySuki reserve all the rights, this includes but not limited to any and all the software, system, codes, design layout, derived works, trademarks, copyrights. User is not allowed to copy, modify or own any part of the website or services for any purpose unless stated or allowed by PinoySuki. In terms of paid services, all services and intellectual property shall remain with PinoySuki until payment to PinoySuki shall have been paid in full.

Applicable Law

This terms and conditions for PinoySuki website and services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Philippine Laws.